Linder's HideAway - Baudette, MN
"Cabins for the whole family"
"Friends getaway"
Open 365 days a year.
We also have Fish houses and Charter fishing too!!!
Taking reservations for all seasons make sure to book early to get your spot!

** $35 per person per night for cabin rental for summer reservation**

**$40 per person per night for cabin rental for winter reservation**

Located 3/4 of a mile South of Lake of the Woods on the Morris Point Road, 4 miles East of Zipple Bay and 4 miles west of Rainy River public access at Wheelers Point. Snowmoblie trail is 1/8 of a mile North. Linder's HideAway Cabins offers year around spacious cabins in a rustic setting. Our cabins are fully furnished and include a fireplace, grill and a large covered porch. We also offer outside kennels with dog houses so you can bring your best friend along.

Linder's HideAway Cabins LLC has a play ground in the back yard for the kids to play on while the adults are playing horse shoes.Each of the cabins have there own firepit where the family and friends can enjoy roasting weiners and marshmallows.

Whether you are planning a family getaway or a fishing trip for the gang, Linder's HideAway Cabins will make your trip a memorable experience.